New York is known for its scenic beauty, energetic vibe, and exorbitant real estate prices. But more than anything else, it’s known for its luxurious homes. A luxury home exudes a certain ambiance or feeling, created by careful design and a beautiful interior. However, what makes a luxury house unique is not the contents but the ambiance.

Julia Baum is a New York interior designer. She specializes in residential interior design and has helped many clients achieve a luxurious feel and style in their New York homes. With her creative ideas and expertise, she has created luxurious interiors for clients ranging from individuals to celebrities. Here are her tips on creating a luxurious feel and style in your home.

Start By Selecting a Color Palette That Makes a Statement

When it comes to creating a luxurious ambiance in your home, it all starts with the right color palette. Rich and saturated hues will create an instantly luxurious feel, so consider jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red, or sapphire blue. You can use these colors as accents throughout your home or go bold with an all-over jewel tone for a theatrical effect. 

Another option is to create a neutral and classic atmosphere using timeless shades such as white, gray, beige, or black. You can use these colors on their own or combine them with eye-catching accent pieces for a more varied look. Having a luxury interior designer NYC by your side can help you with this process, as they know exactly how to balance the colors and design of the room for a luxurious look.

Incorporate Quality Fabrics and Materials

Choose rich, textured materials like silk, velvet, and linen. These fabrics add a level of sophistication and luxury that cannot be achieved with synthetic materials. In addition, pay attention to the small details, such as using nervously fringe or gilding on furniture and accessories. These touches will give your home an air of opulence that is sure to impress guests.  

Finally, don’t be afraid to mix different styles and eras. A luxury interior designer in NYC can help you choose items that combine different styles in a way that looks polished and timeless. A vintage touch can add character to any space, and mixing different periods can create an eclectic and inviting atmosphere. 


Make Use of Bold Furniture Pieces 

Statement furniture pieces can bring a room together and make it stand out from the rest of your home. Consider adding an armchair, sofa, or bench with an intricate design or luxurious fabric. These pieces will be the focal point of your room and provide a sense of grandeur that no other piece can offer.  

Make sure the furniture you choose is comfortable and inviting so that your guests feel welcome in your home. Alternatively, add furniture with sleek modern lines for a contemporary look. Whichever style you go for, opt for quality pieces that stand out from the rest of your home. 

Make Sure Your Lighting Is on Point  

Luxury homes often have statement lighting fixtures that draw the eye .Opt for pieces that have an ornate or classic design, such as crystal chandeliers, elaborate wall sconces, or stylish pendant lights. The right lighting can instantly elevate a room and add a luxurious ambiance to your home. For a softer look, use table lamps with silk or velvet shades.  

Ensure you have enough natural light in your home, as this can brighten up any space. You can consider installing additional windows or skylights to make the most of the natural light. These pieces will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

Accessorize With Art and Accessories

Accessorizing your home with art and accessories is a great way to create a luxurious ambiance. Art adds a touch of class and sophistication to any room, while accessories can be used to add color, texture, and interest. When selecting art, look for pieces that complement the style of your home. For example, consider adding abstract paintings or sculptures if you have a modern home. If your home has a more traditional design, hang wall tapestries or display classic artwork.  

As for accessories, choose items that reflect your personal taste. Mirrors, vases, candles, and throw pillows are great ways to add a touch of luxury to any space. Just be sure not to go overboard – too many accessories can make a room feel cluttered and cramped. By taking the time to Accessorize with art and carefully selected accessories, you can create a luxurious ambiance in your home that will be sure to impress guests. 


Add a Vintage Rug to Your Living Room

There’s nothing that makes a living room feel more luxurious than a vintage rug. Not only do they add a touch of elegance, but they also help to Anchor the space and define its boundaries. If you’re lucky enough to find a genuine antique, you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of its history and craftsmanship. If you can’t find an antique rug, opt for a vintage-style rug made with modern materials.  

With the right rug, you can create a truly luxurious living space that oozes style. These rugs are perfect for creating an opulent look in any room and will be sure to draw the eye. Make sure to choose hues that coordinate with your furniture and decor for a timeless and inviting atmosphere.

Invest in Quality Window Coverings

 Window coverings can make a huge difference when it comes to creating a luxurious ambiance in your home. Investing in quality curtains, draperies and blinds will help keep out the sun’s rays and enhance the look of any room. Choose fabrics with intricate patterns and textures for an opulent look, or opt for plain materials if you prefer a more subtle approach. 

For an extra touch of luxury, add ornate tassels and trims to your windows for an extra luxury touch. Whatever you choose, make sure to hang the curtains at the right height and choose hues that match the rest of your decor. Quality window coverings can instantly transform any room and help to create an elegant atmosphere in your home. 

Creating a luxurious ambiance in your Newyork Home doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With the above tips from Julia Baum Interiors, a professional interior designer, you can easily create an opulent and inviting atmosphere. From bold colors to stylish furniture, art and accessories, there are plenty of ways to add a touch of luxury to your home. Working with a professional interior designer in NYC can also help you to find the perfect elements for your space and ensure that everything works together flawlessly.