We’ve all been there: you live in a small apartment, and some of your favorite pieces just don’t fit because there is nowhere to store them. Whether you’re a renter or an owner, the lack of space can be incredibly frustrating. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to add storage to your Brooklyn apartment.  

Julia Baum Interiors is an interior designer based in New York City. After working with most of her clients to find creative solutions for their storage needs and space constraints, she has decided to share some of the tricks of her trade with those looking for storage inspiration while still adding style and personality to their homes. She is able to provide you with the best of both worlds so you can create a great-looking space that really works for you! 

Here are some ingenious yet easy-to-implement ways to solve your storage issues:  

Utilize Wall Space

In a small NYC apartment, every square inch counts. Utilizing wall space is a great way to add extra storage without wasting valuable floor space. Shelves can be installed to hold frequently used items like dishes and cookware. Or, if you have a collection of books or art, consider installing a floating shelf to showcase your favorite pieces. 

For added functionality, look for shelves equipped with hooks, perfect for hanging coats, purses, or towels. Working with Julia Baum Interiors, you can find unique, space-saving solutions that help you maximize your apartment’s storage potential. She can help you with ideas on custom-built storage solutions to bring your vision to life. 

Add an Ottoman

Investing in a multi-functional ottoman is a great way to add extra storage to any apartment. Ottomans come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. Choose an ottoman that will double as a seating area and comes with internal storage. This will provide you with extra space to store books, magazines, blankets, or even your shoes! Also, consider the color and texture of the ottoman when selecting; this will provide an interesting accent piece and add texture to the room. 

Invest in Furniture with Hidden Storage

Make clever use of space by investing in furniture with built-in storage solutions. For instance, consider a sofa or armchair with storage underneath or a bed frame with drawers underneath. This will provide valuable storage without taking up additional square footage in your tiny apartment. 

Additionally, look for furniture with built-in shelves or cabinets, perfect for organizing items like books and knick-knacks. Having a professional interior designer in Brooklynto help you locate the perfect pieces can make finding stylish and functional storage solutions a breeze. 

Make Use of Under-Bed Storage 

Your bed can be much more than just a place to sleep. It can also double as an invaluable storage source. Invest in an under-bed storage box or drawer system to store clothing and linens out of sight. This will free up closet space and give you extra room to store away items that you don’t need on a daily basis. Ensure that you select an easy storage solution to slide out and access, as you will be using this space frequently.  


Cubbies and Baskets

Cubbies are great for storing items in an organized and visually appealing way. Consider adding cubbies to your walls or invest in a cubby shelf for unexpected storage solutions. Additionally, baskets can be used to store items like linens and towels – and are perfect for hiding away clutter in an attractive manner. Just choose a basket that fits your decor and style; this is a great way to add texture and design to your tiny apartment while ensuring all of your items are stored orderly. 

Stagger Shelves

Consider staggering shelves of different sizes on your walls for an interesting and functional look. This will give the illusion of depth and can be used to display collectibles or store items that you use frequently. It is also a great way to create an interesting focal point in any room that adds extra storage without sacrificing valuable floor space.  

Stagger shelves can also bring a modern and stylish touch to any room and are perfect for small apartments, especially if you don’t have a lot of wall space. Work with a designer to create a stunning arrangement that’s right for you, and never worry about where you’ll put your books or your favorite collection again. 

Toss out the Packaging

When you move into an apartment, the last thing you need is bulky packaging taking up valuable space. Whenever possible, toss out any packaging that comes with your items and keep just what is necessary. This will help to free up some storage room in your home and make it easier to find items when needed.  

Additionally, be mindful of boxes that you accumulate often. When people move, they keep boxes as a storage solution, but this can quickly turn into clutter. Consider investing in space-saving solutions that are designed to store items out of sight and still keep them handy when needed. 

Finding storage solutions for a NYC apartment can be quite challenging. Using the tips outlined above, you can find clever and creative ways to maximize storage in your Brooklyn apartment. From built-in furniture pieces to cubbies and baskets, there are plenty of options for stylishly storing items in a tiny space. Working with Julia Baum Interiors as your professional interior designer in Brooklyn Heights can help you get the most out of your space.  

Contact Julia Baum Interiors today to get started! She offers professional interior design services that are tailored to your needs and style. With her help, you can transform your NYC apartment into a beautiful, organized space with plenty of storage solutions to suit your needs.