Julia Baum is an interior designer based in New York City with projects on the East and West coasts. Prior to establishing Julia Baum Interiors, Julia honed her skills in luxury and design  while working in marketing for Christian Dior and Chanel. After five-years in the luxury goods sector, Julia realized her true calling was using her refined and sophisticated taste to design interiors, helping families create unique, and beautiful homes.

After leaving Chanel to pursue Interiors, Julia worked with Cullman & Kravis, Alyssa Kapito Interiors, and Tali Roth Designs, before establishing Julia Baum Interiors in 2020.

Julia Baum Interiors expertly blends the worlds of vintage and contemporary styles through its mix of clean palettes and lines infused with the color and character of its clients personal items. 

Julia Baum Interiors is currently working on several projects including an Upper East Side family home, a 5th ave contemporary, and a beach home in Montecito, CA.